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Safety Rules

Elephants in Camp, Shindzela

In Camp: Shindzela is an unfenced safari camp, within the Timbavati Private Game Reserve. There is a small electric fence around the parking area – mainly to keep the Spotted Hyena’s away in the evening as they developed a naughty habit of chewing car lights!

The rest of the camp is unfenced so animals frequently roam through camp, especially at night. Animals are just moving through their territory as part of their normal, unrestricted movement – just as we like it. You are safe in your tent structure, and in the camp, as long as you use common sense and listen to your guides at all times.

During the day, feel free to walk to your tent and the main area of camp, but always be aware of your surrounds. If there are animals in camp during the day, please remain in your tent, and your guide will come and fetch you and walk you to the main area.

At night, you must always be accompanied to your safari tent by your guide. After the evening game drive, your guide will escort you to your tent so that you can freshen up before dinner. At the end of the evening, after drinks at the campfire, you will again be escorted to your tent.

If you hear animals calling or moving through the camp at night – relax and enjoy the sounds!

Under no circumstances are you to wander away from camp or in the riverbed – wild animals can be anywhere at any time. They are wild and potentially dangerous, so do not leave the camp.

On a Game Drive: Your guide will give you a safety briefing at the start of your game drive. Our Guides are in radio communication with each vehicle and the camp, and they do carry a rifle and first aid kit on the vehicle.


Safety guidelines whilst on a game drive include:
•Please tag the following along with you on game drive, some sun screen, safari hat, insect repellent, camera/video camera and binoculars.
•Should you have any specific allergies i.e bee stings etc.. let your guide know before hand please, and do bring your necessary medication with.
•Do listen to the commands of your guide at all times, including when to listen carefully, or to be quiet
•Please – no cell / mobile phones on a game drive – we strive to leave modern technology out of the bush and away from animals
•No smoking is permitted during a game drive. When we stop for a break, please feel free to have a smoke, but please keep your cigarette butts and packets with you and dispose of them once back in camp. Also, make very sure your cigarette is out so that you do not cause a bush fire…. The consequences of a bush fire in the Timbavati and Kruger Park is a scary thought…..
•Do not stand up during a game drive, irrespective of whether the vehicle is moving or stationary at a sighting. Animals recognise the vehicle as one entity and are generally relaxed around a vehicle, but can become agitated if someone stands up.
•Do not get off the vehicle at any time, unless your guide says you can. We will often stop during a game drive to study tracks or interesting aspects of the bush. Your guide will ask you to step off the vehicle, and in this case it is perfectly fine to follow your guide.
•At mid morning and late afternoon refreshment stops, please alight from the vehicle and enjoy the views and drinks. It is also a good opportunity to stretch your legs. However, please do not wander off in to the bush or stray away from the group and your guide.
•If you need to make a “bush toilet stop” please ask your guide, and he will stop and scout the area for you, before pointing to the most favourable bush or tree for you to use as cover! Good luck
•Always watch out for branches along the roads, especially if the game drive goes off road.
•Hold on to the Landrover bars if you are going off road or travelling a bit faster to reach a particular sighting.
•Please feel free to ask questions during the game drive – we are there to share our knowledge of the African wilderness with you. Most importantly enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa and have fun.

Walking Safari, Kruger Park

On a Safari Walk: Your walking safari is conducted by qualified trails guides, who are armed with a high calibre at all times. It is particularly important to listen to your Walking Safari, Kruger Park guide at all times during walking activities.

Walks are conducted in single file, with a maximum of 8 guests per walk. Your guide will be in the lead as well as his back up trails guide. Please keep up with the group and do not stop or wander away from everyone.

Guests should keep relatively quiet during a walk. Hand signals are important during a walking safari – your guide may have to communicate with you using signals – “stop”, “walk on”, “be quiet” and so forth. This will all be explained when your guide gives you a thorough safety briefing before you start walking.

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