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  • Pride of lions drinking in front of the lodge. Four females and four cubs.
  • This morning's sunrise at camp.

  • Over the last few days we have seen impala, kudu, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, steenbok, grey duiker, elephants, buffalo, side stripe jackal, spotted hyena, zebra, giraffe, bush baby, chameleon, african wild cat, leopard, african civet, small spotted genet, hippos, crocodile, bush buck, honey badger, baboons, vervet monkey and this morning after breakfast at about 11:30 we saw 4 male lions.
  • a Bachelor herd of buffalo drinking in front of camp.




Great summers day @Shindzela.... Elephants drinking in front of camp, big herd of buffalo and some wild dogs on pm safari!!!
about 2 months ago | @Shindzela