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  • The last few days has been amazing.
    We found two male lions and a lioness on a sub adult buffalo. They killed it Sunday morning and by Monday morning they were finished.
    On Mondays drives we saw a couple of buffalo bulls, a nice big herd of elephants with lots of little ones around, very good general game and during dinner we had two honey badgers drinking from our fish pond.
    This morning we spent some quality time with a big herd of elephants again. We also saw aome giraffe, zebra, kudu and loads of impalas with a lot of baby impalas around as well.
    This evening was very special again. We spent almost the whole drive with some members of the Avoca pride of lions. There were four lionesses and 4 cubs. They were relaxing next to a waterhole with very big bellies. We found the remains of a young giraffe that they had eaten.
    During dinner we had 3 buffalo bulls in camp and a honey badger taking a swim in our fish pond this time.

  • We have had a very productive week.
    At our water hole by the camp we had impala, kudu, zebra, elephants, buffalo , spotted hyena, side stripe jackal, vervet monkeys, baboons, warthog and honey badger coming for a drink.

    On the drives we saw impala, grey duiker, steenbok, elephants, buffalo, kudu, giraffe, zebra, hippo, crocodile, waterbuck, warthog, blue wildebeest, leopard, spotted hyena, honey baders, side stripe jackal, bush baby, small spotted genet and this morning the Avoca pride of lions. Previously known as the Ziggi's pride.
    There were 4 lionesses and 4 cubs. They were relaxing in some shade.




Wanda the warthog, 4 new little ones!! 3rd generation piglets @Shindzela
about 1 week ago | @Shindzela